Brand Management

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About the course 
This course aims to empower students with knowledge and capacities to understand and
analyze brand and branding management, from a corporate and consumer perspective. This
the objective will be achieved analyzing carefully the key concepts surrounding the subject:
corporate perspective; the development of brand and brand architecture; the definition and
role of the marketing mix; the integrating marketing communication and brand management; the
consumer perception in branding; etc.

Lectures are a mix of theory and practical exercises to improve memorization, to increase
students’ involvement and work capacities, and to make lectures more dynamic.

Practical exercises (workshops) entail written exercises (storytelling) and oral presentations (case
studies) and logo design. A mandatory case study (Vodafone) has to be prepared by students
and represents 25% of the overall score for the unit.
Students shall read compulsory readings before attending lectures and workshops.


  • Module 1

    MODULE I Product- Meaning and Definition, Types of product. Brand- Meaning and Definition, Importance of branding, process of branding, circular process, Types of Brands. Content: This lecture is an introduction to the course and the principles of branding and brand management. It intents is to give a definition of the key terms related to brand and branding (marketing mix, brand, branding, storytelling, etc.) and to show the interest and the extent of the unit.

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