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The Internet has changed the way companies carry out their businesses. This  course is designed to introduce students to the concepts and practices of E-Business.It provides a clear understanding of the concepts, practices, tools and strategies to manage   businesses online to the learners. Further, the course would also help in exploring the various issues related to the digital world like safeguarding of intellectual property rights, security, authentication, encryption, privacy and  legal liabilities.


1. The course is aimed at enabling the students to understand the fundamentals of E-Business.

2. The students will also acquire advanced knowledge of technical and business issues related to  E-Business and E-Commerce


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  • Module 1 Introduction To E Business

    A brief idea regarding the evolution and growth of E-Business is provided . It also gives an idea about Web 2.0,S-Commerce,M-Commerce and T-commerce

  • Module 2 E Commerce Business Models
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  • Module 3 Module 3 Electronic Payment Systems
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  • Module 4 Business Applications
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