Feeding Characteristics of Fishes

Ambily V
Fisheries and Aquaculture
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Food and feeding habits of fishes is an important part of fisheries and aquaculture studies as it gives a clear understanding of a part of biology of fishes.Study of feeding strategies of each and every species of fishes as well as shell fishes are either directly or indirectly related to population studies, concervation, exploitation and even in aquaculture practices. Further this study is vital in formulating fish feeds


This course will give an understading of how the feeding habits in fishes differ in relation to species, habitats they live in and different maturity stages. Knowing of these types of knowledge is essential in any areas of fisheries as well as aquaculture studies.


Unit I – Food and feeding habits

Unit II- Feeding behaviors in fishes

Unit III- Morphology of alimentary canal

Unit IV- Feeding adaptation

Unit V- Gut content analysis- methodology

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