Physico Chemical Processes for water and waste water treatment

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Physico-chemical treatment is applied mostly for industrial waste of chemical character.  Contaminated water contains particles of different sizes which can be classified as dissolved (< 0.08 μm), colloidal (0.08 – 1 µm), supracolloidal (> 100 – 100 mm) and settleable (> 100 µm) (1 and 2).  The type of treatment selected depends on the size of particles present in the wastewater. In practice, treatment efficiency also depends on particle size.

One of the first steps to consider in waste treatment is seperation, which can save tremendous amount of effort and expense by re segregating wastes in forms that can be treated most economically or which may be not even hazardous. Separation may be as simple as draining an aqueous layer from organic one in two-phase waste.

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