Solar Thermal Technology – I

Antony Raju
Physics, Renewable Energy
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Solar energy is energy from the sun in the form of light, heat and other types of electromagnetic radiation and is responsible for all life on Earth. It is the most abundant form of energy, far surpassing oil, natural gas and other non-renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and sustainable and can be harnessed for human use by an ever-growing number of technologies including photovoltaic systems of solar panels that follow the path of the sun throughout the day. The production of solar energy produces no waste and no harmful emissions unlike the burning of coal and oil.

Learning Outcomes

-Introduce the basic terminology including solar radiation, solar irradiance, solar irradiation, solar insulation, solar constant, solar altitude angle, solar azimuthal angle, solar window, array tilt angle, array azimuthal angle and solar incidence angle

-Identify the  solar radiation measuring instruments

-Different types of Flat Plate Collectors and solar concentrators

-Applications of solar energy

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