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M.Sc. Space Science and Technology – 2023-24 Admissions : Entrance Examination

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Echoes are heard when we shout in an empty hall. But when the hall is full of people no echoes are heard why?

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A proton and an alpha particle pass through the gap of a strong magnet. If both particles have the same initial velocity, how many times greater will the defection of the proton be relative to the deflection of the alpha particle?

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At a point halfway between two identical point charges, the electric field is equal to:

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An electron is classified as a

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If we look at the floating piece of iceberg on the sea, approximately what fraction of it is visible above the seawater level?

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The angle between the velocity and acceleration of a body is:

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An electron is moved through a potential difference of 1 volt. How much energy in joules was used to move the electron?

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The Grand Unified Theory of the forces of nature combines three of the four forces. Which force is NOT included?

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The Doppler Effect predicts that the spectrum of light from a visible body moving AWAY from the Earth will experience a shift in frequency when viewed from Earth. This particular shift is known as the:

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A string of length L is fixed between two points. If a standing wave of 5 nodes is produced, what is the relationship between the string’s length, L, and its wavelength?

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Planck’s constant was first introduced in order to obtain a correct theoretical prediction of

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The dimensions of gravitational constant G are:

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What happens to the period of a pendulum if the mass of the bob is quadrupled?

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Which of the following is correct about magnetic field lines?

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Two bodies each have a mass M. If the mass of each body is doubles, the gravitational force of attraction between the two bodies will be:

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The period from one full moon to the next is:

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The dominant charge carriers in p-type semiconductors are

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Two point masses, M1 and M2, are 14 centimeters apart. M1 has a mass of 2 grams. M2 has a mass of 5 grams. Locate the center of mass of this system.

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Which of the following is NOT an example of capillary action?

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The first reflecting telescope was built by:

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A projectile is fired into the air at an angle of 23 degrees. At what other angle would this projectile have the same range if air resistance is neglected?


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The shape of magnetic field around a long straight current-carrying wire is:

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The oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere was probably produced by which of the following?

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With reference to nuclear energy production, what is the use of boiling water in a boiling water reactor (BWR)?
1. As a coolant
2. As a neutron moderator
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

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Carlos is pulling a 40-kilogram cart with a horizontal force of 100 Newtons. The force of friction on the cart is 20 Newtons. The acceleration of the cart is:

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The electric field of a point charge varies:

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Which of the following will increase the ANGULAR MOMENTUM of a person spinning on a rotatable frictionless bar chair?

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Rest mass energy of an electron is

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A 10-kilogram object falls from a cliff 100 meters high. At the midpoint of its fall its total energy is:

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What is the hydrostatic pressure at the bottom of a pool 6 meters deep?

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Rounded to the nearest day, one mercurial year is equal to:

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A girl throws a 2-kilogram rock vertically upward. It reaches a maximum height of 5 meters. What is the kinetic energy of the rock the instant it leaves the girl’s hand?

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Consider a car driving around a circular bend in the road. Which of the following CANNOT be constant?

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A 5 kilogram mass is lifted at constant velocity from a shop floor by a rope that passes through a pulley attached to the shop’s ceiling. Neglecting the mass of the rope and friction in the pulley, what is the approximate tension in the rope?

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For the hydrogen atom, which series describes electron transitions to the N = 2 orbit? Is it the:

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The same side of the moon always faces the Earth because:

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The index of refraction of a material is 1.5. The speed of light in this material relative to that in a vacuum is:

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How many atoms per unit cell are in a face-centered-cubic crystal?

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Which one of the following laws best describes the operation of an electric generator?

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The cosmic background radiation, a remnant of the Big Bang, is at what temperature?

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Of the following, the most energetic form of NON-IONIZING radiation is

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The working of a jet airplane is based on

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Which of the following is the most important erosional and transportation agent?

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If the resultant force acting on a body of constant mass is zero, the body’s acceleration is:

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The principle that energy may be converted from one form to another but it cannot be either created or destroyed is:

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The Andromeda Galaxy is which of the following types of galaxies?

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Light bends around sharp corners as a result of

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What percentage of the earth’s atmosphere does O2 comprise(Approx.)?

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For a body to be in equilibrium, which of the following conditions must exist?

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What is/are the objectives of using tubeless tires in aircraft?

1. To reduce chances of detaching the tire from the rim
2. To make them withstand shocks better
3. To allow them to withstand heat.

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

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Which of the following statements with respect to the speed of light in various media is/are correct?

  1. It is greater in vacuum in comparison to glass
  2. It is greater in hot glass in comparison to a cold glass

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

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If you were watching a star collapsing to form a black hole, the light would disappear because of the light:

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At a point directly east of a negative point charge, the electric field points in what direction?

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With reference to the phase changes in matter, which of the following is / are correct statements?


  1. When a liquid freezes, it releases thermal energy into its immediate environment.
  2. When a solid melts, it releases thermal energy into its immediate environment.
  3. When a solid melts, its temperature increases

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

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A space ship traveling toward Mars at 0.6 times the speed of light c shoots an ELECTRON beam at Mars. If the electrons travel at 0.6 C RELATIVE TO THE SPACE SHIP, at what speed do the electrons impact the surface of Mars?

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What is the relation between Time period(T) and angular frequency(ω) of a wave?

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The magnitude of the quarks’ electric charge is

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Two identical resistors are connected in parallel and consume 200 watts together. A third identical resistor is added in parallel. The total power consumed is:

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A Pendulum Clock, whose pendulum is made up of a steel rod, will become slow if __:

  1. Temperature rises
  2. Taken from the equator to the pole
  3. Taken to moon

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According to Kepler’s Laws, the cube of the mean distance of a planet from the sun is proportional to the:

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In space, heat is transferred by:

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An automobile needs an antenna for its radio to play properly because:

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Which of the following is NOT closely associated with a non-magnetic Phase Diagram?

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At one atmosphere, a cylinder with movable piston contains 2,000 milliliters of gas. If the pressure is increased to 5 atmospheres and the temperature remains unchanged, what is the new volume of the gas?

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Which civilization developed and implemented the first solar calendar?

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In the Compton Effect, a photon of wavelength λ collides with a stationary electron. The wavelength of the emitted photon is:

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What reflecting surface forms a geometrically perfect image of a point source located at infinity (such as that approximated by a star)?

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A man picks up a 50-kilogram block and carries it up a flight of stairs 10 meters high. He then carries the block back down the stairs and places the block in its original position. What is the NET work done on the block?

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A LED lamp produces 300 lumens of light per watt, which makes it about 20 times as efficient as an incandescent lamp and four times as efficient as the fluorescent tube. What is the reason for this?

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A hiker stands at the bottom of a steep hill. The hiker may follow a straight-line path to the top of the hill, a distance of 300 feet, or she may follow a zig-zag path to the top of the hill and walk a distance of 600 feet. The work done by the force of gravity along the zig-zag path is how many times is the work going along the straight path?