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UN75 – A New Era of Conflict and Violence

UN75 – A New Era of Conflict and Violence

The nature of conflict and violence has transformed substantially since the UN was founded 75 years ago. Conflicts now tend to be less deadly and often waged between domestic groups rather than states. Homicides are becoming more frequent in some parts of the world, while gender-based attacks are increasing globally. The long-term impact on the development of interpersonal violence, including violence against children, is also more widely recognized.

Separately, technological advances have raised concerns about lethal autonomous weapons and cyberattacks, the weaponization of bots and drones, and the live streaming of extremist attacks. There has also been a rise in criminal activity involving data hacks and ransomware, for example. Meanwhile, international cooperation is under strain, diminishing the global potential for the prevention and resolution of conflict and violence in all forms.

#UN75 – S3 Session will focus on problems and how to solve the Conflicts and Violence. This will be a dialogue by the students all around the world. Request you to email a short video (speech) 10 minutes duration on the focal theme UN75 – A New Era of Conflict and Violence (Problems and Creative Suggestions to solve the issues) on or before Monday 12th August 2020 as attachment or Google drive link to [email protected] 

The best 10 will be selected to present the live final round on 14th July 2020. In the finale, there will be three rounds: First Round will be the Presentation Round where each participant will get 8 to 10 minutes time for presenting the UN75 topic on New Era of Conflict and Violence. The Second Round will be Deliberation Round of 20 to 30 minutes. All the selected participants can engage in deliberations and there is no specific time for each participant. I request everyone to complement and supplement fellow participants. And request everyone to be gentle and keep the decorum. The Third Round will be Call for Action Round where each participant will get 2 to 5 minutes to conclude each one’s presentation and share the final message for action or to be a role model.