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Webinar on “Human Rights and Tourism: A Complex Interface”

The department of Travel and Tourism of St. Albert’s College(Autonomous), Ernakulam organize a webinar on “Human Rights and Tourism: A Complex Interface” on 20th September 2021 by Dr. Shan Eugene Palakkal, Assistant Professor,     Dept. of History and Tourism, Stella Maris College (Autonomous), Chennai. The webinar aims to equip students and academicians with the knowledge of the concept of human rights in the mainstream tourism discourse. In the name of development, human rights are often neglected while there are definite long-term advantages to be gained by actively promoting them.

About Resource person, Dr. Shan Eugene is a multifaceted prolific writer. She has obtained her M.Phil and Doctorate in History from the University of Kerala. She has specialized herself in the field of Human Rights, Tourism Studies, Tribal Studies, Heritage, Archaeology, and Cultural Studies. She has also been a UGC-MRP Project Fellow in the Department of Indian History, University of Madras. She is a Life Member of the South Indian History Congress, a Member of the Indian History Congress, the Kerala History Congress, and the Association of Third World Studies.